Offshore UXO Services

We are able to locate, identify and dispose of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) in areas designated for redevelopment, especially underwater sites, as a result of explosive contamination through recent or historic conflicts.

  • Al Sirag can offer offshore survey capability in challenging surroundings. Able to carry out topographic and hydrographic surveys, using a range of equipment including DGPS positioning equipment, side-scan sonar, single and multi-beam and magnetometers.

    Our current survey work has been conducted in Iraq but we are able to undertake these operations anywhere in the world, working in challenging and dangerous locations undertaking bathymetric and Un-exploded Ordnance (UXO) surveys offshore and in intertidal areas.

    Our aim is to provide offshore UXO diving services ensuring client satisfaction under highest Quality and Safety standards.

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Mohammed Saad

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+964 780 416 7153
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