Clearance & detection

Clearance of battle areas, mines and UXOs.

  • Battle Area Clearance

    BAC clearance involves the location and disposal of ERW but not landmines. This could include battlefields, defensive positions and areas that may have been subjected to cluster munition strikes.

    Mine Clearance

    Mine clearance involves the location and disposal of landmines this could be conducted manually or with mechanical support.

    UXO Divers

    We use highly trained staff with specialist knowledge in diving and UXO operations in these environments to identify and dispose of any items of UXO identified.

    Mechanically Assisted Clearance

    Used mainly in the ground preparation and the verification of large areas of land, which can speed up the clearance process. Al Sirag is proficient in the process of acquiring mechanical assets to meet the particular task requirements.

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Contact person

Mohammed Saad

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